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Chris Ganley hopes to make history by being the first to race the TT circuit with only one arm. The military veteran and rifleman from Clevedon, who suffered extreme and life-changing injuries after a motorcycling accident now aims to compete in the ‘deadly’ race in 2023.

Despite the accident, Chris’ passion for motorcycles didn't change. He bought himself a Yamaha YZF 600 Thundercat and was hoping to race for his army’s team, but devastatingly, he never got the chance to do so before being discharged from the army for the injuries he sustained.

When he finally tried to come to terms with what had happened, He suffered severely with depression and thought he would be unable to ride a motorcycle again.

To overcome his struggle, Chris started fixing bikes to sell but knew he had to try to ride them one last time.

He booked a track day to see if he could ride his motorcycle with one arm. Once he made it out on track, it gave him a reason to live again and said “Being back on the bike gave me a new view on life. I changed my ‘I can’t’ to ‘I can’.”

Chris now races in the Thundersport GB Championship, competing against able-bodied riders of all levels, where he finished 3rd in his first race and 4th overall in the championship - an outstanding reflection of hard work and determination after experiencing life-changing injuries. ”


The Team

In the photograph above are the people behind Chris Ganley Racing, they believed in me from the start, My mechanics, friends, supporters and family. 

Without your understanding, hard work and dedication none of this would be ever possible.

 Thank you so much to everyone. 


You Tube video's

2019 Thundersport GB Calendar

March 30-31 – Round 1: Brands Hatch

April 27-28 – Round 2: Snetterton

May 26-27 – Round 3: Cadwell Park

June 20-23 – Round 4: Mallory Park

July 27-28 – Round 5: Donington Park

August 25-26 – Round 6: Anglesey

Sept 21-22 – Round 7: Cadwell Park

October 19 – Round 8: Oulton Park

See You In The Paddock In 2019

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