Brands Hatch Race Report

Chris Ganley

I arrived on circuit and set up ready for the test day, I was nervous about going out on track, after last year’s problem with the bike.   Bridgewater and Taunton College have spent a long time sorting out the list of faults, enabling me to have the bike set up close to my weight and have full power back , which I have to admit I was apprehensive about using.  The rear shock had been replaced with a new “K-Tech” shock which gave me more feeling on the bike.  

The first test went well allowing me to build my speed up very quickly and settling in to the corners and circuit.  I managed a lap time of 55 seconds, which was great and I could not wait to get out on track for the first race.

At the start of qualifying I was still apprehensive but managed a fantastic time of 54.737 which gave me 3rd row from the back for the first race.   

It was a good battle with the riders for a couple of laps, but then everything settled down.  I finished the race with a time of 53.626, which put me 7th in class. I was over the moon with this, as this knocked of 2.257 off my fastest lap from last year.  The second race I pushed harder, on the last few corners and managed to grind some of the side of the bike on the floor,  which I didn’t think was possible,  this saw me move up to 6th in class bringing my time to a 53.307.  I Finishing the day in such high spirits and brimming with confidence, I could not wait for day 2 of Racing at Thundersport GB.

Day 2:  I made a few changed to the bike, which enabled me to try to get better results.

Race 3: I was a little reserved going out on track, but still managed a 54.190, again finished in 6th in class.  Now I was looking forward to the second race of the day.   

Race 4:  Again the bike took some more  grinding on the corners, giving me a lap time of 53.503 placing me 3rd in class and even a podium.  My first signature to getting my road racing licence was getting closer.

I cannot  believe the buzz I still have from this first race weekend , as I’m writing my race report.

I would like to thank all my sponsors, both previous and new ones this year:-

BLESMA – without them none of this would be possible. 
Bridgewater and Taunton College -  Put their hearts and souls into getting the bike ready, over the winter.
Adam Loveridge – Who’s helps out trackside and racing is nigh on impossible without him.
Avid Motorbike , Car Services & Repairs – Again their help trackside at every round, would make what I do impossible.
Ian Boldy Superbike Photography – For his stunning photographs and acting as my PR this year, Ian also up keeps my website with all the latest developments in 2019.
2nd hnd for all the help throughout the season.
Janet and Andy Thomas who have stuck by and supported me from the very beginning.
Dave Odgen from Phoenix Race Support, Dave brought in Rock Oil to keep the bike running with the correct oil and lubricants and a host more quality products too, I can’t thank him enough for believing in me this year.
EBC Brakes -  Who have helped me with my weakest point, already I can sees a massive difference and I have a lot more confidence braking into every corner.
HEL – Keeping power straight to the brakes
Pipewerx – Thank you so much for the Fantastic new exhausts
TW Suspension.
HMT and Dunlop – Keeping me planted on track
SC Signs – sorting out graphics and banners

I would like to also mention everyone else that never gets named, the support you all give me is outstanding, My family in believing in me and my supporters for your words of encouragement, 

Thank you all so much. 

See you at Snetterton.